Turbo Jet

Turbo Jet

Hello Bulldog lovers.  It’s Turbo Jet reporting to let you know I have found my true forever home.  Seems foster mom and dad tricked me when these nice people came over and were playing with me, rubbing my belly and giving me all kinds of attention.  I met their other dog, a boxer, although she doesn’t look like a box to me, she looks like me with a squished face.  Anyway, I met her and she seemed pretty cool about the whole thing and I liked her.  So then this same nice couple showed up with a new harness and collar just for me.  I was so excited I wanted my belly rubbed and my butt was wiggling and I was just so happy.  Seems foster mom and dad didn’t tell me it was a meet and greet so I wouldn’t be nervous.

I got to go for a car ride with my new mom and dad and got a lot of new toys and was so happy to finally get my very own forever family with a fur sister. You can see I made myself right at home.

Thank you Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Bright Star Vet for all you did for me.  I’m a happy boy

I’mmmm baaacccckkk.

This Is me Turbo reporting back into rescue.  As you may remember I was adopted out a few months ago and because of varying circumstances things just didn’t work our for me at my new place.  So, we all had a family meeting and decided it was probably best for me to come back to rescue and see if I could get a re-do and start the search for my forever family.  Don’t get me wrong, my family was a great family, I got along with the other dogs-one being a bulldog-and things were moving right along.  Anyway, no harm no foul and here I am again.

A little about me…I am a handsome boy who loves attention, loves to play and am pretty well behaved.  I’m going to be going to Dr. Larsen’s where I can sit in her lap and tell her all about what has been going on since we last saw one another.  She is going to take a look under the hood and  make sure I am in good shape and then I am off to my foster home.

I’ll be posting more about me later but right now I need to find some treats and then take a nap.

Turbo Jet has been wishing and hoping to find his forever family for quite awhile now and today his dream came true.

Turbo went to a meet-and-greet with a family and it was love at first sight for both him and them. When the family picked him up, as soon as the harness was put on, he took off for the car and was ready to go.

Turbo will spend his time running around the big backyard, playing with his skin sisters and Bullie fur sister Maggie (once she warms up to him), a fur brother and a cat. He will be spoiled and loved and spoiled some more. His new mom said she will even take him to work with her.

What a lucky boy he is… enjoy your forever home and have lots of fun, Turbo. You deserve it.

My name fits me to a tee! I came to rescue because my family thought I needed more space to run. I have a lot of energy and need a big yard to burn out my turbo jet fuel.

I’m loving my time here because I LOVE people and treats and there’s a lot of both here.

The minute I set my bags down, they wanted to take my pictures. They put a bow tie on me and away I went. I ran all around the room. I jumped on and off the couch and knocked over a few things. Then, they got smart and brought out the treats. That got my attention! I think they got a few shots and I got a belly full of treats.

Dr. Larsen’s going to look me over and then I’ll be on my way to my foster family. Then, one day, to my forever family. I hope they have a big yard! I’ll be keeping in touch to let you know all the goings on with me!

1/25/20 Update:  Unfortunately we have found that Turbo tested positive for heart worms and will undergo treatment soon.

3/23/20 Update:  When I was at Dr. Larsen’s place, they kept me locked up in a kennel… something about heartworm treatment. I don’t know what that is and, frankly, it sounds gross.

Anyway, this guy comes in and I managed a great escape. I hopped into the back seat of his ride and off I went. I didn’t think he even knew I was there.

Boy, was I fooled. Apparently, this “great escape” of mine was a plan Doc and this guy had in order to get me into a foster home. Turns out this guy and his wife are pretty cool. Although, they are keeping me in a kennel for a few more days so I can rest until my heartworms go away.

Foster Dad told me later this week I will be able to be out and move more around the house and meet all the other fur siblings face-to-face… not through the bars. I’m not liking this confinement thing, but I know it’s for my own good, so I’ll behave. Foster Dad said I need to learn some manners, like not jumping, so he is working with me on that piece. I’m a fast learner and he keeps telling me what a good boy I am… DUH. The food is good here and I like the attention, but if anyone wants to bake me a cake and send it, please put a file in it so I can get out of here. For all you fine people out there looking for a good looking young guy like me, get your applications in fast. You might get matched to me. I won’t be in this joint for long. Peace out.

3/25/20 Update:  I’MMM FREEE!  I finished my jail time and today, I am free. Something about heartworm treatment, but that is all behind me now and I am a healthy active boy.

I’ve made friends with the resident dogs and another foster dog here. They are all really nice and we get along, except I keep trying to hump the lady Bulldogs. Foster Dad says that is not a good thing, so I need slow my roll. He has been working with me on jumping up on people and tells me what a good boy I am when I don’t. Sometimes, I forget and will jump up and he is quick to tell me NO. I’m learning because I’m a smart boy.

I’m not food aggressive and I take treats from his hand really well. I love treats and I love attention. I love to have my butt scratched and will be your best friend. I am energetic, so I would probably do best with an active family… maybe one with no small humans (under 4 or 5 years) would be best.

With nothing to do because you humans are all on quarantine (what is that anyway?), you need to get your application sent in so my foster parents and I can start looking them over. You may be my perfect match!

7/29/20 Update:  I’ve been back in my foster home a few days and I have fit right in, just where I left off. As you can see, I have spent some time relaxing. I like soaking up the rays to work on my tan (and impress all the ladies!). After I finished that, I had to come inside to cool off and rest. Looking this good is hard work and I need to pace myself. After my rest time, I was asking where my treat was because I was hungry. I do love my treats.

Since I’ve been back with my foster mom and dad, I have been sharpening my manners and making sure I understand the rules of the house. I am crate trained, house trained (no accidents in the house so far) and I’m good around other dogs, cats and kids. I can even use the doggie door. I’m great with walking on a leash (really good!) and I love to go for walks, although it is a little too hot right now for long walks.
Overall, I am just a good boy and will be taking some time this week to look through the applications to find my forever home. Have you submitted your application yet?

8/18/20 Update:  I’m doing fabulous. I get to take my naps and beg for treats and even get to give ear kisses to my foster dad. He laughs when I do that, but I know he really loves it.

I am house trained, crate trained and I get along with other dogs, but I’d also be OK as an only dog in the home. That way, I wouldn’t have to share any attention, toys or treats.
I’m not sure about small children because I have never been around them, so maybe I shouldn’t go to a home with small humans.
Contrary to what my name may imply, I am not on turbo power, nor am I in jet mode. Although, my foster dad says I have the exhaust of a jet engine. I’m not sure what that means.
I am a laid back kind of guy who likes his naps, belly rubs, ear scratches and treats. Oh… and car rides! I’ll keep you company on your walks because I do really well on a leash.
If you haven’t submitted your application in yet, you better hurry. What else is there to do in all this heat?