Van Halen

Van Halen

My dream came true today. I am adopted. They wanted me! They will love me forever. I’m so happy, happy, happy! They could have chosen another, but they picked me! I feel so special. I am going to be a good boy, like Foster Mom told me. Foster Papa packed me some of my special treat cookies too. My forever family will check in with some pictures soon. I’m going to be so spoiled!
Gotta go get some hugs!

When we met these two on Saturday, there was an ‘Eruption‘ of love! Meet Van Halen and Wolfgang, the duo that will make you want to ‘Jump‘ for joy. Handsome, (for the most part) well-behaved, crate trained, professional backseat drivers, great snugglers, snore-kings and ready for a furever family. They will get acclimated in no time!!

Together, they are best buds, share their food and play fight – but think ‘Everybody Wants Some‘ and wanted our foster bully Brisket to join the fun, but he didn’t welcome the bully bonding as much…Wolfgang says, “Why Can’t This Be Love?!”

Fun Fact about Van Halen the Bully: He LOVES water- bath time, water bowls – you name it! Van Halen also has problems with his knees and will see the orthopedic vet.

11/22/20 Update:  He is just a big sweet lug of a guy who you can’t help but hug and squish his face.

 He works hard on his exercises…passive range of movement, walking, circles, and leg lifts at least 3-4 times a day. He doesn’t care for the three eye drops but is doing much better about letting me put them in. 

Van Halen is in a large crate. I wanted to use my large pen area but he just topples it over without even meaning to. He goes out often in between his exercises so he’s doing fine. He has had no accidents and getting out a lot. 

I just sent the 2nd video to Dr Lay and they want me to work hard with him on the passive range of movement exercises so i’ve been watching a few YouTube videos to get better at working with him. 

12/1/20 Update:  Van Halen’s at-home physical therapy is going well. We just finished his second week and we are sending videos to Dr Lay. Each day, I can feel him getting stronger.

We live in a wooden area and all the leaves have fallen. He thinks he should go run through them. He has a keen sense of smell and he knows there are all kinds of critters in there that need chasing.
Speaking of chasing, we were doing one of our daily walks the other day and a car just happened to drive by. He immediately went into chase mode… good thing he was on a leash!
His eyes are really bad right now and he’s not a fan of the drops. I’ve cut some treats up really small and he can get one little piece after each of the three drops. He’ll be on at least one of these for the rest of his life so this will be an ongoing effort.
He seems to love men because whenever my husband is near, he wants to be up close and personal with him.
He’s a really good boy for having to be on restricted activity for so long and you just can’t help but hug on him.
12/12/20 Update:  We have finally hit the 46 day mark post-surgery and now we get to start all kinds of new exercises ~ hills, stairs, jogging ~ and increasing our duration time from 25 to 45 minutes multiple times during the day. We got a thumbs up in our progress from Dr. Lay last week, so that was very good news, but we still need another 2-3 months of work. I don’t think Van Halen is very excited about the increased exercise routine.

12/24/20 Update:  Van Halen continues to do well with his physical therapy. He really wants to get back in shape from his knee surgery.

We’ve increased his walking time and have started doing some hill work (not sure that part is his favorite). Neither of us is a fan of this freezing weather, so we missed a few walks and looked at Christmas decorations instead.

He is much better with his eye drops and takes all his medicine like a pro. Cars are his real thing. He can hear them from a distance and goes into alert mode. You best be holding that harness tight if one happens to drive by… forget knee surgery, he’s off and running or at least trying.

12/29/20 Update:  I took a break from watching the auction to check out the llamas next door. I think they are going to be my friends. I like everyone!

Foster Momma said that I am doing great with my manners. I’m a really quick learner. Did I tell you that they have bunches of chew bones at my foster home?! Wowzah! I have found that I love toys. I have blankets and beds. I love my beds!
The yard is really big so I get to walk all around. I need to exercise, so that works too. I also found that I like getting treats. I wasn’t so sure at first. Foster Momma said I had a soft mouth. She said something about checking out my teeth. Then one day she gave me a fig newton. Foster Mom told me she found my teeth! I love fig newtons!
You see, when I do something really good, I get a treat. I have been pretty good at sitting to get my eye drops, so I get a treat. I help in the kitchen a lot. I follow Foster Mom everywhere. She said I’m either under her feet or laying on top of them. I like to play when I get my leg exercises, but then I will be good and do them properly. Fig newtons… yum, yum, yum.
I have to go play now. See you soon!  The Irresistible Van Halen
1/1/21 Update:  Here is proof that I have been helping Foster Papa a whole bunch. I think he needs my help. I’m sure he can’t do it without me. We are working on the front porch. I love the front porch. When it’s nice out, I get to lay in the sun and take a little nap.
I’ve been doing lots of exercising in the front yard. My leg is getting better. It’s bending a little more everyday. Foster Mom and I do some exercises on the floor. I have a bed to lay on, of course. I think she likes it when I lay my head on her lap. It’s really nice to get soft pets and attention. That is really all I want. Just a place to lay my head and be loved. I’m learning all kinds of manners to be ready for my forever home.
I still get along with all the other dogs. I haven’t had any problems getting along with anyone. I’m kind of a goober, as Foster Mom said.
I’ll talk to you soon. I think Foster Papa needs my help again.
1/6/21 Update:  I found some sun to nap in. I have been working so hard helping Foster Papa that he has totally worn me out! I don’t even care if he has the saw going or not. Nothing seems to upset me. He can use the drill or anything around me. I am there to help him. I am right under his feet if need be. Gomer has to get locked up in the house because, he wants to attack the drills that make noise. Not me!! I’m a good boy!


All this work is helping me get in my exercise. Foster Mom says my leg is doing so much better. I can bicycle good in my exercises now. I can stretch my leg out and bend it better and better all the time. We can tell a difference in my walking. I go up and down the ramp and everywhere. I love exploring in the big yard!

I don’t bark when people walk by our yard. I am walking great on a leash. I’m going to start working on some other manners too. I want to make my forever family so proud of me.

1/18/21 Update:  This is my most favorite spot in the yard. Foster Papa put my bed over here just for me. I just want to take a nap and get me some sun. Hopefully, it will warm up enough. I will have to check the outside thermometer on the porch. I check it for Foster Mom all the time.

I’m doing really well. I think I can run marathons, but Foster Mom keeps telling me I still need to walk. I want to sign up for the Tour de France too, but Foster Mom says I can’t do that either yet. I bet Dr. Lay will let me! When I visit him, I’ll do the happy dance! My leg is almost all healed up from surgery.
1/25/21 Update:  I’m doing really well and learning some manners in the house. I even got in the chair today! Yippee! Foster Mom didn’t want me to hurt my leg, but because I’m doing so well, I’m get to do a lot more stuff now.
I went to see the eye doctor and he said I have a little dry eye. He gave me some special medicine to help clear up some of that. They said that I was a really good Bulldog too! They couldn’t believe I was so calm and well-behaved.
I sit really still for Foster Mom when I get my eye drops. I love when she gives me hugs afterward! I am really just a big ball of fluffy fur. I like all the loving! I’m also really good when I walk on a leash, too.
Be sure to get in your application. You may be matched to a good boy like me!
I would give you all sorts of kisses for Valentine’s Day, but we still can’t have any public events yet. In the meantime, I’ll just send you virtual kisses and hugs!
2/2/21 Update:  This is my friend Soda. I have to help Foster Papa feed him too. There are a lot of chores to do being a ranch hand. We are always working on something and I know Foster Papa appreciates my help. I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow? Monday’s weather was pretty nice so we went shopping at Puckett’s and Petco. I had so much fun! I even snagged some French fries, too. Those were yummy! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for spring to get here. I’m ready for more shopping… and more fries.